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LOT vlog Series

"Behind the Scenes With Loveland Opera Theatre"

new for 2021!

Learn about Loveland Opera Theatre through our new vlog series.  More information to come!

  • Sat. 2/20/2021 - "The State of Opera Today" with Tim Kennedy, Moderator, Nathan Snyder, Tenor; Andrew Potter, Bass, and Dana Kinney, Mezzo-Soprano
    Now Streaming
  • Sat. 3/20/2021 - "Aspects of Technical Theater" with Tim Kennedy, Moderator; Davis Sibley, Costumes, Peter Muller, Lighting, and Lexi Holtzer, Stage Management
  • Sat. 4/19/2021 - "Operatic Training" with Tim Kennedy, Moderator; Phoenix Gayles, Soprano; Tessa McQueen, Soprano and Schyler Vargas, Baritone
  • Sat. 5/15/2021 - "Diversity In Opera" with Tim Kennedy, Moderator; Margaret Ozaki, Soprano; Charles Moore, Tenor, and Victoria Baumgart, Tenor (chorus)


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