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LOT vlog Series

"Behind the Scenes With Loveland Opera Theatre"

new for 2021!

Learn about Loveland Opera Theatre through our new vlog series.  

Join with Artistic Director Tim Kennedy, Moderator, and Dr. Juliana Hoch, Executive Director as we invite special guests and explore the many sides of LOT and the opera world at large. 

  • "The State of Opera Today" featuring Nathan Snyder, Tenor; Andrew Potter, Bass; and Dana Kinney, Mezzo-Soprano
    Now Streaming
  • "Making it all Happen" featuring Davis Sibley, Costumes, Peter Muller, Lighting; and Lexi Holtzer, Stage Management
    Now Streaming
  • "Operatic Training" featuring Phoenix Gayles, Soprano; Tessa McQueen, Soprano and Schyler Vargas, Baritone

    Now Streaming
  • Sat. 5/15/2021 - "Diversity In Opera" featuring Margaret Ozaki, Soprano; Charles Moore, Tenor, and Victoria Baumgart, Tenor (chorus)

    Premiere Today!


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